Pantaron Z - Side Story "Save The Earth!" 2015

Pantaron Z Original Concept Shooting by StudioViper Collaboration Project 2015

PANTARON Z by StudioViper, Original Side Story 2015 - Concept Shooting.
Collaboration Project with Jintoy, Raonus 130BO, Sakun by Kun and Rotta.

- Model Sampling: Jin Seok won, Sopp
- Illustration: Jung Woong, Sopp
- Sampling Assist: Yoo
- Set Art: Sopp
- Assist: YJ, Yoo
- Camera: Rotta
- Direct: Rotta, Sopp

Copy & reproduction without explicit permission are extremely prohibit. All rights reserved. 
ⓒ JIN TOY  ⓒ Raonus, 130BO  ⓒ Sakun  ⓒ StudioViper
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